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When I was a kid, my dad always used to say that if you don't look after your appliances, then they won't look after you. I didn't use to believe this. However, when I grew up, I came to learn that my old man was a wise old bird. I had been living in my first home for about 6 months and I was really enjoying my new found freedom when the problems began. My fridge-freezer stopped working and the oven wouldn't get hot. I called in an appliance service and they explained that the appliances needed a bit of maintenance. They gave me some great tips.


Three Reasons to Fit Ducted Gas Heating in Your Home

9 May 2019
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Are you trying to decide on the best way to heat your home? You could opt for a wood heater or perhaps gas central heating, but for many Australians, ducted gas heating is the preferred option. Here are three reasons why ducted gas heating could be the perfect choice for your home. Does your home have multiple rooms? If you live in a small property and only normally want to heat one room, then a single heater will probably be perfect for you, but if you live somewhere with multiple rooms that need heating, then you don't want to have to buy a heater for each room as that will soon become much too expensive. Read More …