Commercial Refrigeration: Increasing the Service Life of Your Freezers

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Commercial Refrigeration: Increasing the Service Life of Your Freezers

11 September 2017
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Commercial freezers are designed and built to provide long-term service. However, if these appliances are neglected, they will fail prematurely. Compromised freezer functions will translate into high repair expenses for your business. Also, you might have to replace the appliance if the damage is extensive. Fortunately, you can reduce your total costs and prolong the service life of your refrigeration unit by performing routine maintenance. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started on freezer care and upkeep.

Perform Routine Cleaning

You should clean your commercial freezer on a regular basis. This practice will improve the health of your refrigeration space and increase the lifespan of the unit by improving efficiency. The internal surfaces should be cleaned using soap and water. The simple solution can eliminate accumulated grime and microbial deposits. Avoid harsh detergents and chemicals because they will corrode metallic elements, shortening the service life. Also, you should clean the evaporator blades and fans for better performance, and ensure that the condensing unit is free of grime and debris. 

Manage the Ambient Temperature

You should evaluate the surroundings of your commercial freezer and make changes as necessary. Make sure that the unit is not near a source of heat. If the ambient temperature around the refrigeration unit is high, it will be forced to work harder to maintain the internal temperature. Place the unit as far as possible from heating equipment. Also, it is prudent to ensure that the area around the freezer is ventilated to increase efficiency. Additionally, avoid leaving the door open; this allows the flow of warm air. If possible, you should acquire a unit with self-closing doors.

Seal the Storage Containers

The structure of your commercial freezer can sustain damage due to exposure to acids. Unfortunately, most refrigeration owners do not realise that there are multiple sources of acid in this type of environment. For example, in a kitchen, foods with high acid content like pickles and tomatoes will emit vapours which are corrosive. The damage will be gradual, but the freezer will eventually have noticeable corrosion. Therefore, seal the storage containers to prevent this detriment and to prevent cross-contamination. 

Clear the Drains

Finally, you should keep the refrigeration unit drains clean and clear. The drain is situated at the freezers base, and it allows the removal of condensation from the cooling process. If the drain in your appliance is blocked, the condensation will remain in the freezer, and you will see frost build-up. Therefore, clean this component regularly.