Essential Steps to Take When Cleaning Your Split System Air Conditioner

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Essential Steps to Take When Cleaning Your Split System Air Conditioner

26 September 2017
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Keeping your rooms in the right temperature has always been something mandatory in many houses. This enables people to live well in extreme summer temperatures. Achieving this is one of the functions of a split system air conditioner which uses refrigeration to keep the house at cool temperatures. With extended usage, the system will accumulate a lot of dirt which will hinder its performance. To sort this out, you will have to clean the system. However, not everyone has an idea of where to start from, if you are in the same bubble, then here are a couple cleaning processes which will ensure your system remains in perfect working condition.

  1. The Condenser Coils – The first step only if the system has been disconnected will be to work on the condenser coils. This requires the power to be out as the component you will be dealing with is electronic and might result in unwanted electric accidents. Safety is important even when it comes to cleaning. To be able to access the condenser coils of your split system air conditioner, you will require a screwdriver to remove its outer casing. Along with the casing, also remove the other parts which may be blocking your free access to the condenser coils. Once you get to the coils, carefully use a brush to eliminate any dirt or grime that might be on the surface. In places that have trapped dirt, employ a cleaning agent after which you rinse it off with a little water. While working on the condenser coils, also take a look at the condition of the coil fins. If damaged or bent, use a fin comb to straighten them out. All of these tools can be obtained in hardware stores close to you.
  2. Working on the Filters – The filters can be accessed from inside the house as they are indoor components of your system. To get to them, remove the front grille on the air conditioner. From here you will be able to access a single mesh panel which is big. The mesh panels, are what offer you and your loved one's protection from bacteria and dust which enter the system. While providing this protection, they will indeed get clogged and dirty thus calling for regular cleaning. One good thing about the filters, however, is that they are easy to clean therefore requiring less effort than the other split system components. To clean the panels, carefully carry them outside and using a post or a railing, bash them to remove most of the dust. This will deal with most of the grime in the filters and what remains can be easily vacuumed.