Two reasons why you should have your cafe's food display cabinets serviced regularly

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Two reasons why you should have your cafe's food display cabinets serviced regularly

2 October 2017
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If you are the owner of a cafe which uses food display cabinets to store and display food, you should have these cabinets serviced on a regular basis. Here are two reasons why.

To protect your customers

If like most cafes, yours sells freshly prepared, perishable items like cream cakes, sandwiches and deli meats, and you keep these items in your refrigerated food display cabinets, you must ensure that these cabinets are fully functioning. A malfunctioning cabinet of this kind could cause serious problems for you and your customers.

If the temperature regulation components in one of your refrigerated cabinets develop a fault and, as a result of this fault, the temperature within the cabinet rises, harmful bacteria could begin to grow on the foods housed inside.

This bacteria could not only affect the quality of the food (i.e. it could have a negative impact on the flavour and appearance of it) but could also lead to those who eat it developing food poisoning.

In short, by failing to keep your refrigerated cabinets in good working order, you could end up endangering the health of your customers.

Accidentally giving your customers food poisoning could have serious repercussions for your business; the affected customers could not only file a lawsuit against you but could also spread the word about your cafe being an unsafe place to dine. This, in turn, could potentially lead to the closure of your enterprise.

To maintain a high level of professionalism

A food display cabinet which is damaged in some way (for example, if its lightbulbs continuously flicker, or if the metal shelving units within it are covered in rust) could have a negative impact on your enterprise's reputation, as it could give your customers the impression that you do not take your business seriously enough to look after your equipment. This, in turn, may lead them to conclude that you lack professionalism.

Furthermore, some customers who see a malfunctioning cabinet that is in poor condition might make assumptions about other elements of your business operations. They might, for instance, assume that if you cannot be bothered to keep your equipment in good working order, you are also unconcerned with things like hygiene and safety. This, in turn, could reduce the number of sales you make.

As such, if you wish to ensure that your customers view your enterprise in a positive light and continue to visit your establishment on a regular basis, you should have your food display cabinets serviced at least twice a year.