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When I was a kid, my dad always used to say that if you don't look after your appliances, then they won't look after you. I didn't use to believe this. However, when I grew up, I came to learn that my old man was a wise old bird. I had been living in my first home for about 6 months and I was really enjoying my new found freedom when the problems began. My fridge-freezer stopped working and the oven wouldn't get hot. I called in an appliance service and they explained that the appliances needed a bit of maintenance. They gave me some great tips.


Tell-Tale Signs of Appliance Repairs That You Should Never Ignore

22 August 2018
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With all the appliances that households require to run smoothly on a daily basis, it is not surprising that some issues may crop up at one time or another. For a good number of homeowners, their solution to an appliance acting up is giving it a bit of a knock and hope this will make it operate as usual. Although this percussive maintenance may yield results on some occasions, it is never an advisable way to deal with appliance repairs. Read More …

Choosing The Right Coffee Machine For Your Business

5 February 2018
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If you are thinking of opening a coffee shop or adding coffee to your existing menu, you will need a reliable machine that is able to create great tasting coffee. There are many coffee machines on the market today that fit the bill including Expobar coffee machines and La Marzocco coffee machines. These particular models come with a warranty and have many spare parts available online should you ever need to arrange a repair. Read More …

4 Essential Safety Reasons to Teach Your Children How to Use a Fire Extinguisher Today

3 October 2017
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When you keep a fire extinguisher in your home, it is important that both you and your children know how to use it. Fires can start out of the blue. All it takes is for a charging phone to overheat out of sight, and before you know it, you or your children could be trapped. In August, 2017, a 12 year-old girl managed to save herself and her brother from a fire that had started while they were asleep. Read More …

Two reasons why you should have your cafe’s food display cabinets serviced regularly

2 October 2017
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If you are the owner of a cafe which uses food display cabinets to store and display food, you should have these cabinets serviced on a regular basis. Here are two reasons why. To protect your customers If like most cafes, yours sells freshly prepared, perishable items like cream cakes, sandwiches and deli meats, and you keep these items in your refrigerated food display cabinets, you must ensure that these cabinets are fully functioning. Read More …

Essential Steps to Take When Cleaning Your Split System Air Conditioner

26 September 2017
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Keeping your rooms in the right temperature has always been something mandatory in many houses. This enables people to live well in extreme summer temperatures. Achieving this is one of the functions of a split system air conditioner which uses refrigeration to keep the house at cool temperatures. With extended usage, the system will accumulate a lot of dirt which will hinder its performance. To sort this out, you will have to clean the system. Read More …