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When I was a kid, my dad always used to say that if you don't look after your appliances, then they won't look after you. I didn't use to believe this. However, when I grew up, I came to learn that my old man was a wise old bird. I had been living in my first home for about 6 months and I was really enjoying my new found freedom when the problems began. My fridge-freezer stopped working and the oven wouldn't get hot. I called in an appliance service and they explained that the appliances needed a bit of maintenance. They gave me some great tips.


Commercial Refrigeration: Increasing the Service Life of Your Freezers

11 September 2017
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Commercial freezers are designed and built to provide long-term service. However, if these appliances are neglected, they will fail prematurely. Compromised freezer functions will translate into high repair expenses for your business. Also, you might have to replace the appliance if the damage is extensive. Fortunately, you can reduce your total costs and prolong the service life of your refrigeration unit by performing routine maintenance. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started on freezer care and upkeep. Read More …